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Angle Vale, South Australia


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Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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  • How do I use the banner?
    There are a number of ways to display and use your banner. For team photos in front of it, tape some poles to the sides of the banner to hold it behind the players. You can use broom sticks, or a cheap alternative is 25mm or 32mm Electrical Conduit from Bunnings cut to length. Alternatively you can have 2 people hold the banner by hand, one on each end. After you have the photos you need, Cut vertical slits in the middle of the banner where you want it to rip. keep the cuts shorter for windy days so it does not rip too easily and weaken it too much. Below is an image with red lines showing where we recommend to cut the slits, and the length for a calm day. On a windy day, make the slits shorter so the banner does not rip too soon in the wind.
  • I cannot find my club in the list, but want to order a banner, what do I do?
    Please use the form to contact us and provide a phone number or email to get back to you. Alternatively, Send a Text message to us or call us on 0488 288 243 and we can assist you during business hours. We will need a copy of your Club's Logo to design a new banner for your club, this process is free of charge. The template created will be used for all banners for your club, using your club's logo and colours. Sometimes we can use the logo off your club's facebook page or website, other times we may need a better quality version sent to us. We will let you know if we need a better quality The Logo needs to be an Ai, EPS, or PDF Vector Logo File. JPGs or pixel based images will not enlarge well, so copied logos from facebook or webpages may not be clear enough to use. Your Club will have these logo files for sending to make uniforms, signage and stationery, so please contact the relevant person in your club to get them sent to us. We will provide an email address to send the files to when you contact us.
  • I've left it till the last minute, can you help by making a banner really quickly?
    We can usually make banner the same day or the next business day if you pick up from us in Angle Vale. Please contact us via phone on 0488 288 243 during business hours, or text on the same number after hours and if we are available we will reply.
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