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New Club Footy Banner Orders

New Club Footy Banner Orders

This option is if your club is not yet featured on our page.  


We will design and print the first banner for you and your new club AT HALF PRICE for the first player that orders one of any size, including dual banners for any club Australia wide.


What we need from you please:


1. The name of the club & the players name(s), guernsey number and how many games the milestone is for.


2. The club logo and colours. 


Logos need to be clear and high quality as they will be printed very large. 


Logo file format required is one of the following: PDF, Ai or EPS Vector files if you have them.  The logo's are normally kept by the club secretary or the person who manages merchandise or uniforms for the club.


We will contact you and send you an email address to send them to after you complete the checkout process. 


3. A link to the facebook page for your club.  This is so we can see the club colours as they are used on merchandise and clothing, we will design a banner to match as best we can.

  • Footy Banner Information

    All Footy Banners are printed on 1.6 Metre high coated paper using solvent inks which will not run, even if they get wet.

    We recommend taping broomsticks to the ends of the banner to hold it flat whilst the player runs through it.  if you cut vertical slits in the banner in the centre, it creates a weak spot where it will break and look best when run through.

    On a windy day, cut smaller vertical slits in the Footy Banner so if the wind catches it, it doesn't rip too soon!

    Further information is found in the Frequently Asked Questions section, alternatively you can call or message us on 0488 288 243.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    As each banner is custom made, once ordered, we cannot return them.

    Please check the details you submit for printing carefully, as we will make the banner using the exact spelling and information you provide.


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